Toyohiko Okamoto (豊彦岡本) (artist 1773 – 1845)

Archer on horseback preparing to shoot an arrow


15.25 in x 29.5 in (Overall dimensions) wash drawing in sumi and color

Signature: Okamoto Shuko
Seal reads: Drawn by the scribe Okamoto Toyohiko
"San mai no uchi" in lower right seems
to indicate that this is a preparatory drawing
for a triptych (plus colors indicated in various places)

"San mai no uchi" would seem to indicate that this is one of a set of three or an image to be spread over 3 sheets, put together horizontally. This appears to be a drawing for something to be printed as there are indications of colors to be used in various areas.
warrior prints (musha-e - 武者絵) (genre)