• Kiso Komawakamaru Yoshinaka (木曾駒若丸義仲) from the series Sagas of Beauty and Bravery (<i>Biyū Suikoden</i> - 美勇水滸伝)
  • 7:00 AM (午前七時) from the series <i>24 Hours at Shinbashi and Yanagibashi</i> (<i>Shinryū nijūyoshi</i> - 新柳二十四時)
  • Yoshitsune's ship attacked by ghosts of the Taira warriors at Daimotsu Bay - 大物浦平家の亡霊
  • View of Shimada (<i>Shimada no zu</i>: 嶋田ノ図) from the chuban series Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō Road (<i>Tōkaidō gojūsan tsugi no uchi</i>: 東海道五十三次之内)
  • <i>A Picture of Masakiyo Conquering Korea</i> - (<i>Masakiyo sankan taiji</i> [<i>no</i>] <i>zu</i> - 正清三韓退治圖)
  • Arranging her hair (<i>kamiyui</i> - 髪結い) from the series <i>Fitting Acomplishments for Women</i> (<i>Fujin tashinami-gusa</i> - 婦人たしなみ草)
  • Nakamura Shikan III [中村芝翫] as Danshichi Kurobei (団七九郎兵衛) - the title cartouche reads: 古今甬人記 - from the play <i>Natsu Matsuri Naniwa Kagami</i> (夏祭浪花鑑)
  • Double page illustration from the Ichirō Gafu (<i>Ichirō Picture Book</i>)
  • Two actors from an untitled series of paired actors on poem slips  (<i>tanzaku</i>)
  • Bandō Mitsugorō III (坂東三津五郎) as Hayano Kanpei (早勘平) from the series <i>Great Performances: Contemporary Pressed-Cloth Battledores</i> (<i>Tōsei oshi-e hagoita atari kyōgen no uchi</i> - 當世押絵羽子板)

Welcome to The Lyon Collection!

Ukiyo-e Prints in the Mike Lyon Collection

Mike Lyon (artist b. 1951) was fortunate to have grown up familiar with Japanese prints. In his youth Lyon’s parents and grandparents displayed examples that certainly inspired his own artistic development. He began acquiring Japanese color woodcuts early in his career as an artist. The types of prints that feature most prominently among the many hundreds in Lyon's collection reflect the artist’s deep appreciation of the human figure and the expressive facial portrait. The vast majority of Japanese prints in the Lyon collection represent views of actors yakusha-e) and beautiful women (bijin-ga), and in particular the close-up, bust-length portraits of the same (okubi-e).

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