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Two bijin traveling aboard a boat in winter

Identifier: 1843-45 Kunisada Sumida RIver

This is probably one panel of a triptych.

The coloration of this print is remarkably fresh.

The nanushi censor's seal, Fu, short for Fukatsu Ihei (普勝伊兵衛), appeared on prints between VI/1842-XI/46. There is at least one other print in the Lyon Collection with this seal. It too shows a beautiful woman carrying an umbrella in a snow storm. (See #795)

Andreas Marks defines the term nanushi: "With the enactment of the Tenpō reforms in 1842, the censorship system was changed and from the sixth month on, nanushi 名主, minor government officials, were selected to carry out the approval by applying their name seal to prints."

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