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Bandō Hikosaburō V (坂東彦三郎) as Gengobei (源五兵衛) in the play Drawing a crowd for the chorus in the two theaters (Koe mo Sorou Ryōza no Ōyose - 音揃成両勘大寄) - the center panel of a triptych

Identifier: 1868 Kunichika p814

While the hands of his dying victim grasp at his bloody robes, a ronin or masterless samurai raises the lantern with his gory hand. You can't see it in this print, but Gengobei's bloody right hand is holding a sword in the left-hand panel of the triptych from which this is the center panel.

This print commemorates a performance at the Nakamura Morita Theater in 9/1868.

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