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Dragon (Tatsu 竜) from the series
Elegant Women Likened to the Twelve Animals of the Zodiac
(Fūryū azuma-sugata jūnishi - 風流東姿十二支)

Identifier: 1830c Toyokuni II 0002

There are four prints from this elegant series in the Lyon Collection. The others include women paired with the Zodiac signs for the ram or goat, the horse and the hare. One of the nicer touches is the fact that the title of this series is spelled out in the three toshidama cartouches grouped near the top of each print. Of course, the toshidama is a motif element adopted by many of the members of the Utagawa artists. A symbol of success and wealth, if not of the monetary kind then at least of the artistic or spiritual kind.

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