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A young mother is hanging a mosquito net to protect herself and her child against a lightning storm.

Identifier: 1820s Kunisada lightning

The woman is setting up her kaya or mosquito netting because it was believed that this could offer protection against, demons, ogres, ghosts and - as in this case - lightning strikes. The characters '夕立' on the end of her obi read 'shower'. The smoke pouring from the blue vessel on the left is probably there to help ward off mosquitoes.

This sheet is the middle panel of a triptych.

Assembled triptych at Tokyo Metropolitan Library

On the floor of the left panel, not shown here, is a poem by Danjūrō VII. The Lyon Collection owns a print which prominently displays this actor, #1066. See the link above.


There is another copy of the full triptych at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art.

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