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Nakamura Shikan II in his dressing room, before a mirror holding a pipe [楽屋図]

Identifier: 1833 Hokuei Shikan II mirror

This actor visited Osaka in 11/1833 for a performance.

The Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University identifies this actor as Nakamura Kanjaku (中村翫雀) which is in agreement with our identification because Shikan II's poetry name is Kanjaku.


The text reads: 翫雀 二上り 浪花つへこくややう/\帰り花梅の師匠へまつすくに芝翫雀の替紋て帰国をまつの君みとり其若竹の狂言も香車のやりのむかふみす桂馬にのつてとふし馬金銀の妙賀にて飛車のことくに道中は角の芝居へなりかへるなつて成つて成駒屋 梅

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