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Nakamura Shikan II as Narikoyama in the series 'Actors with Six Jewel Faces' (Haiyū mutama-gao - 俳優六玉顔)

Identifier: 1832c Kunisada six jewel 3

The Six Jewel Rivers were noted beauty spots of antiquity. The title of this series is a pun on the words kawa (river) and kao (face). In this magnificent set, for the landscape background Kunisada took advantage of the fashionable vogue for prints in the new imported Prussian blue pigment (aizuri-e). This particular river may be the Tōi no Tamagawa (梼衣玉川) or 'Cloth-fulling River' in Settsu Province.

Illustrations of the set in Izzard, Kunisada's World page 142 cat #s 66/1 and 66/2).


There is also another copy of this print in the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde, Leiden.

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