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Parody of the Three Gods of Fortune in their Prime (全盛見立三福神) each represented by a famous courtesan - this is the left panel of a triptych

Identifier: 1800s Kunisada parody good fortune

The elegance of this particular print is almost beyond description. Each of the three top ranked courtesans shown in the triptych are stand-ins or mitate for one of the 7 Propitious Gods. This one probably represent Ebisu who is often shown with a red tai attached to the line hanging from his fishing pole. The courtesan in the middle panel may represent Jurōjin (寿老人), the god of longevity. On her robes is the classic image of a tiger facing off with a dragon. Before her lies a scroll painting with the three gods shown, one of them being Daikokuten as can be seen from the mallet of good fortune/wealth that he is wielding.


There are other copies of the full triptych in Seikadō Bunko Art Museum and in the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde, Leiden.

the complete triptych

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