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Nakamura Fukusuke I (中村福助) as Danshichi Kurobei (團七九郎兵衛)
from the series Matches for Thirty-six Selected Poems
(Mitate sanjūrokku sen - 見立三十六句撰) - the inset at the upper
left is by Miyagi Gengyo  

Identifier: 1850 Kunisada danshichi

This print is trimmed to the image. If it wasn't it would show the publisher on the left margin. The publisher was Sagamiya Tōkichi (Marks 435 - seal 24-009), aka Aito. Its seal can be seen on the example in Boston.


Although the inset image at the top of this print is not signed it is most probably Miyagi Gengyo. Other insets in this series, which are consistent in their design, are signed by that artist.


The text reads:


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