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Nakamura Shikan I (中村芝翫) as Hanaregoma Chōkichi (放駒長吉) standing before a wooden screen

Identifier: 1815-20 Toyokuni I nakamura

This print may well represent a scene from the play Hana no Iro Futatsu Chōchō (壮色双蝶蝶) or Futatsu Chōchō Kuruwa Nikki (双蝶仝曲輪日記), or one of their many variants, based on the use of a standing screen which appears in these plays. A similar screen in a triptych by Kunisada II and with this character was published in 1857. That composition, linked to above, is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. A similar composition in the same museum is from 1854 and by Toyokuni III.

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