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Picture of Watanabe no Tsuna Cutting Off the Demon Ibaraki's Arm at the Rashōmon
Rashōmon Watanabe no Tsuna oniudekiri no zu - 羅城門渡辺綱鬼腕斬之図

Identifier: 1888 Yoshitoshi watanabe oni

In this scene Watanabe no Tsuna [渡邉綱], on horseback, is carrying a sign which reads kinsatsu, 'prohibited.' A demon had been terrorizing people near the Rashōmon gate. Up to this point no one had been bold enough to confront this monster. Watanabe waited there the whole night to see if the signboard would be effective. In the morning the demon attacked and Watanabe cut off its arm causing the demon to flee.

This image is illustrated in color in Beauty and Violence: Japanese Prints by Yoshitoshi, p. 87.

The kanji on the signboard appear to read 禁札, kinsatsu, which can be translated as a 'signboard bearing a prohibition notice'.



1) In color in The World of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (Tsukioka Yoshitoshi no Sekai - 月岡芳年の世界) by Susugu Yoshida, p. 33, #16.

2) In black and white in a one-half-page reproduction in Yoshitoshi: The Splendid Decadant by Shinichi Segi, p. 73.

3) In black and white in Chimi moryō no sekai : Ukiyoe : Edo no gekiga--reikai, makai no shujinkō-tachi (浮世絵魑魅魍魎の世界: 江戶の劇画 : 霊界魔界の主人公たち) by 中右瑛 (Nakau Ei), Ribun Shuppan, Tokyo, 1987, p. 46. [The text is entirely in Japanese.]


This image may originally have been published by Matsui Eikichi and later possibly re-published by Hasegawa Tsunejirō.


There is another copy of this composition at the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford.

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