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Snow (Yuki - 雪) - the title is embossed at the bottom

Identifier: 1929 Kotondo yuki

There is a special stamp attached to the back of this print. It reads: Gaikoku iki ni-hyaku mai kagiri zeppan, dai nanajūroku go, Torii Kotondo; for foreign export, limited edition of 200 printed, number 41, by Torii Kotondo.

Note: If you click on the print to enlarge it you will see two images in the upper left corner. By clicking on the lower image you can see the hand-written attached on the reverse.


The Toledo catalogue from the 1930s state that the blocks were cut by C. Ito and printed by W. Komatsu. There were 18 blocks which were superimposed 25 times. They list the edition as 300. However, this print clearly shows that it comes from an edition of 200. Perhaps there were both. One reliable source notes that the edition of 200 was meant for foreign markets.


1) In 鳥居言人 Torii Kotondo, Gallery Beniya, 1995, p. 31, no. 22.

2) In black and white in 近代日本美人画展 : 伝統木版画を支えた作家たち Exhibition of Modern Japanese Beauties: Meiji, Taishō, Shōwa, Riccar Art Museum, 1982, n.p., no. 85.

3) In a small black and white reproduction in Modern Japanese Prints by Dorothy Blair, Toledo Museum of Art, #132.

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