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Onoe Kikugorō III in seven hit roles -
(Onoe Kikugorō Ōatari shichiyaku - 尾上菊五郎大当七役)

Identifier: 1828c Hokushu kikugoro 7 roles

This print is linked to the play Kikustuke Irifune monogatari performed at the Kado theater in 7/1820.

Kikugorō III was famous for his ghost roles, which explains the predominant positioning of the figure on the left side. The others being portrayed are:

1) Kanō Shirojirō [狩野四郎次郎] in the upper left
2) Tenjiku Tokubei「天竺徳兵衛」in the upper right
3) Zato Tokuichi [座頭徳市], the blind musician - actually Tenjiku Tokubei - in the middle right
4) Fuwa Banzaemon [不破伴左衛門] in the middle left
5) Kasane [かさね] in the lower right
6) Kinugawa Yoemon「絹川与右衛門」, Kasane's husband, in the lower left
7) Kasane no Reikon [かさねの霊魂], the ghost of Kasane, along the left side of the print


Illustrated in Schätze der Kamigata: Japanische Farbholzschnitte aus Osaka 1780-1880, MNHA (Musée national d'histoire et d'art Luxembourg), p. 112, #237.

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