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Inukawa Sōsuke Yoshitō (犬川荘介義任) from the series
The Eight Dog Heroes of the Master Author Old Kyokutei Bakin
(Kyokutei-ō seicho Hakkenshi zui-ichi - 曲亭翁精著八犬士随一)
- right-hand panel of a diptych

Identifier: 1835 Kuniyoshi 8 dog bakin

There are two copies of this print in the Lyon Collection. See link above.

This print is linked to the Lyon Collection print, #1094, of Inuyama Dōsetsu Tadatomo (犬山道節忠知).


Another copy of this print was also included in an exhibition from from March 11, 2017 to May 7, 2017 at the Fuchu-shi Art Museum.

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