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Abalone, needlefish and peach blossoms from an untitled series known as the Large Fish [魚尽くし]

Identifier: 1830s Hiroshige abalone snipe

"This series of ten or eleven prints - it is not certain whether a print of trout belongs tothe series or not - was originally commissioned by a poetry club. They were thus first issued as a de luxe kyōka folding albums and all the prints from the first edition... have a centerfold.

Bokashi was added to the upper edge in later impressions..."

Quoted from: Hiroshige: Prints and Drawings by Matthi Forrer, Prestel, 1997, n.p., entry #82.


Keio University's digital web site give the motif description as 魚づくし 鮑とさより (Sakana-dzukushi awabi to sayori [according to the Google translator] - Fish Dzukushi abalone and Hyporhamphus sajori.


There are three kyōka accompanying the image. Part of the text seems to read: 三輪垣耳喜・千代垣素直等3人の狂歌賛を添える。

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