Artist: Ryūkōsai Jokei (流光斎如圭)

Print: Three Osaka kabuki actors in the roles of sumō wrestlers, one of them standing on a folded, collapsed screen

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Dates: circa 1793,created
Dimensions: 5.875 in,13.0 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

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Physical description:

So far, the names of the actors elude us as does the name of the publisher's seal, which does not appear in Marks.

Neither this print nor the publisher's seal appears in the 2009 catalogue raisonné of this artist, 光斎図録ー上方役者似顔絵の黎明ー, the Ryūkōsai zuroku: Kamigata yakusha niagao-e no reimei by Akiko Yano and Andrew Gerstle. That catologue does show 46 prints and 15 paintings, including a number of illustrated books.