Artist: Utagawa Kunisada (歌川国貞) / Toyokuni III (三代豊国)

Print: Pilgrimage to a shrine during plum blossom viewing time [baika-mōde - 梅花詣で]

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Dates: 1844 - 1845,created
Dimensions: 28.5 in,14.0 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese color woodblock prints

Signed: Kunisada aratame (changing his name to) nidaime (the second of the name) Toyokuni ga
Publisher: Minoya Chūsuke
(Marks 333 - seal 25-492)
Nanushi censor's seal: Tanaka - for either 5/1844 or 2/1845

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Physical description:

The woman on the left is holding a 'stalk' of bamboo with faux birds attached by threads. The woman in the middle panel is leaning down to pick up one of these birds which has become detached. We mention this because of a link to a Hiroshige II fan print in the British Museum which we have added above. Click on it to learn more.