Artist: Jukōdō Yoshikuni (寿好堂よし国)

Print: Arashi Kitsusaburō II (嵐橘三郎) on the occasion of his name change

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Dates: 1822,created
Dimensions: 10.0 in,15.0 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese color woodblock print

Signature: Yoshikuni ga (よし国画)

Related links: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; British Museum (yellow ground immediately behind the actor only); Hankyu Culture Foundation - yellow ground behind the actor;

Physical description:

"This print is among the many dealing with the arrival in Ōsaka of the actor Arashi Kitsusaburō II, the successor of Kitsusaburō I who died one year before that.

Kitsusaburō II holds a print [made by himself], with the seal of the carver Kasuke, depicting Kitsusaburō I as Hyōgonokami Yorimasa. He played this role in 8/1821, shortly before his death and Kitsusaburō II played it as an homage in Osaka...

On the kimono of Kitsusaburō II appears his mon as a pattern, combined with an unusual structure of scratches. Next to the actor's name at the top is his 'nom de plume' Rikaku. At the bottom left [of the print in the British Museum] is the text 'Hiki Yori', indicating that this print was commissioned by a fan of the actor, or that the artist himself was the actor's fan.

On an other impression of the print the poem is replaced by a poem of Yoshikuni and neither the text 'Hiki Yuri' nor the artist's seal are present. Further, the signature is printed from a different or altered block and placed somewhat to the right and to the bottom."

Quoted from: Ōsaka Kagami 大阪鏡 by Jan van Doesburg, p. 38.

The inscription reads, "To stick on the cover of a maid's mirror." (Jōchū kagami no futahari)


There are at least two different editions of this print. The one in the Lyon Collection is the same as the one in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. But the ones with the yellow background in the circle behind the actor have different inscriptions at the top and are signed with a different signature. Not only that, they also show the author's personal seal in red. In the lower left is a signature in red that is unidentified, but reads as 'Hiki Yuri' (ヒイキヨリ).

Within the yellow ground circles the artist's seal also appears in red, whereas it doesn't in the examples here and in Boston.