Artist: Utagawa Toyokuni I (初代歌川豊国)

Print: Elegant women with attendants in a parody of a
daimyō's procession - this is the center 3 of 5 panels

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Dates: created,circa 1797
Dimensions: 31.0 in,15.25 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese color woodblock prints

Signed: Toyokuni ga (豊国画)
Publisher: Wakasaya Yoichi
(Marks 573 - seal 07-008)
Censor's seal: kiwame

Related links: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - all 5 panels; Metropolitan Museum of Art - 3 panels including the one on the far left missing from the Lyon Collection; Freer/Sackler Galleries; Manggha Centre of Japanese Prints and Technology, Krakow - all 5 panels;

Physical description:

There is another copy of the full pentaptych at the Worcester Art Museum.

The full pentaptych is illustrated in color in the frontispiece spread over two pages in Masterpieces of Japanese Prints: The European Collections - Ukiyo-e from the Victoria and Albert Museum, Kodansha International, 1991.