Artist: Yoshida Tōshi (吉田遠志)

Print: Ishiyama Temple - Ishiyamadera (石山寺)

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Dates: 1946,created
Dimensions: 10.83 in,15.87 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese color woodblock print

Pencil signed in lower right: Tōshi Yoshida
Signed in the print: 遠志 [Tōshi]
Stamped title in lower left: Ishiyama Temple
Seal: Yoshida
Jikoku seal (自刻) - self-carved -
on the left margin
Date: Showa 21 (昭和二十一年): 1946

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Physical description:

According to the curatorial information from the University of California this is Tōshi Yoshida's first print after the end of World War II and his first full-sized print.


There are also copies of this print in the Worcester Art Museum, the British Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. None of these are illustrated online.


There is an illustration of this print in Selected Woodcuts by Jack Leissring, p. 221.