Artist: Utagawa Yoshitora (歌川芳虎)

Print: Goshaku Somegorō (五尺染五郎) from the series
The Lives of Brave and Hot-blooded Heroes
(Yūretsu kekki den - 勇烈血気傳)

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Dates: 1866,created
Dimensions: 9.625 in,14.25 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese color woodblock print

Signed: Kinchōrō Yoshitora ga
Artist's seal: kiri in red
Publisher: Izutsuya Shōkichi (Marks 188 - seal 24-055)
Carver: Hori Ei
Date seal: V/1866

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Physical description:

There are two prints from this series in the Lyon Collection.


Goshaku Somegorō was a popular otokodate character of the kabuki stage and was represented in numerous prints by numerous artists. A few of those images are shown in links above.

Robert Schaap defines otokodate as 'street-knight'.