Artist: Utagawa Kunisada (歌川国貞) / Toyokuni III (三代豊国)

Print: Arranging her hair (髪結い) from the series
Fitting Acomplishments for Women (Fujin tashinami-gusa - 婦人たしなみ草)

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Dates: 1842 - 1843,created
Dimensions: 9.5 in,14.5 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese color woodblock print

Signed: Kōchōrō Kunisada ga
Publisher: Wakau (Marks U366 - 21-119)
Censor's seal: Take (Takeguchi Shōemon)

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Physical description:

A young Awabi fisher girl leans forward to comb her hair after bathing. This wonderful design harks back to the major 'bijin' ukiyo-e of Utamaro. An important design.


Part of one of the editions of this print was used for the cover of a book published in Russian on a Japanese poet, Yosano Akiko (與謝野晶子: 1878-1942). The loose translation of the title of this book is Mat of Hair.