Artist: Natori Shunsen (名取春仙)

Print: Onoe Baikō VI as the courtesan Aburaya Okon in the play Ise Ondo Koi no Netaba
(伊勢音頭戀寢刃) or 'The Ise Dances and Love's Dull Blade'

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Dates: 1931,created
Dimensions: 10.75 in,15.75 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese color woodblock print
Inscription: Signed: Shunsen (春仙)
Artist's seal: Shun
Publisher seal: Watanabe ko

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Physical description: Onoe Baikō VI (六世尾上梅幸) in the of Aburaya Okon (油屋おこん).


"Blocks about 20; superimosed printings, about 25..."



1) In color in 名取春仙, 1991, p. 54.

2) In a small black and white illustration in Modern Japanese Prints by Dorothy Blair, #216.