Artist: Okamoto Masafusa (岡本昌房)

Print: Illustrated book on warriors volumes 1 & 3 of 3 bound in one (attributed to Okamoto Masafusa [岡本昌房])

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Dates: 1700s,created
Dimensions: 6.25 in,8.75 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: black and white woodblock print

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Physical description:

#2 may be Katō Kiyomasa slaying the tiger.

#5 is either Watanabe no Tsuna about to cut off the arm of Ibaraki or it is Taira no Koremochi about to kill the demon disguised as a beautiful woman.

#9 is Yorimitsu and his men disguised as yamabushi to gain access to the monster Shuten Dōji.

#10 Possibly Fan Kuai storming the gate.