Artist: Kitagawa Tsukimaro (喜多川月麿)

Print: Katsuyama (勝山) of the House of Nakataya (中田屋) from the series Modern Beauties of the Pleasure Quarter in Full Flower (Seirō tōji zensei no kimi - 青楼当時全盛の君)

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Dates: circa 1810,created
Dimensions: 8.875 in,20.125 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: color woodblock print

Signed: Kikumaro hitsu (菊麿筆)
Publisher: Murataya Jirōbei
(Marks 359 - seal 08-098)
Publisher seal: mura

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Physical description:

The courtesan Katsuyama of the House of Naka-taya holding a pipe in one hand and an unopened book in the other. She is looking down at her two young attendants (kamuro?) pouring a cup of tea.

Here is another from this series is at MFA Boston


Illustrated in color in Japanese and Chinese Prints: The Walter Amstutz Collection by Jack Hillier, Sotheby’s, 1991, pp. 272-273, #153. On page 274 there is a black and white reproduction of this print with this notation: "A recut keyblock impression after the Kikumaro print described in the previous lot, with a false Utamaro signature, probably made in the Meiji era.