Artist: Utagawa Kunisada (歌川国貞) / Toyokuni III (三代豊国)

Print: Surimono: The peasant (nō - 農) from the series Series of Four (Yoban tsuzuki - 四番続)

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Dates: circa 1830 - 1835,created
Dimensions: 7.125 in,8.125 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: color woodblock print

Signed: Tōjuen Kunisada ga
Seal: double toshidama
Printer/Publisher: Shunpūdō Noshiro Ryūkō

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Physical description:

"The Farmer" from a series, "Yonban Tsuzuki" about the four social casts; the Warrior, the Farmer, the Craftsman, the Merchant. The title of this surimono is "No" (the Farmer). Poems (from right), "Inaka nagara sodachi-gara yoku kago no uchi-ni ne o arawashite tsumu uguisu-na" by Karaku-tei Yoshibumi. "Haru wa nigiwau Hanada-mura hanada no michi no wakana tsumu-nimo" by Karin-do Asa-midori.

The outer, blue robe of the woman is decorated with toys which were often associated with children's talismans to keep away diseases like smallpox.


The inscriptiona read: 1) 歌楽亭好文 鄙なからそたちからよく篭の内にねをあらはしてつむ鴬菜 and 2) 歌林堂 浅みとり春は賑ふ花田村はな田の色の若葉つむかも.

The Museum of Fine Arts identifies the publisher of this quartet of surimono prints as Shunpūdō Noshiro Ryūkō. This places this print among a very select few in that most surimono almost never have publisher's seals.

Despite the reading of this seal in the lower right corner we have been unable to find any other information about this publisher.