Artist: Utagawa Kunisada (歌川国貞) / Toyokuni III (三代豊国)

Print: Diptych: The Cat Witch Demon with Iwai Hanshirō V (岩井半四郎)
as Mikuni Kojorō (三国小女郎) on the left and Onoe Kikugorō III (尾上菊五郎)
as Tamaya Shimbei on the right in the play Shinjū to tare mo yūdachi
(心中誰夕立- しんじゅうたれもゆうだち)

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Dates: 1833,created
Dimensions: 10.0 in,15.0 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: color woodblock prints

Signed: Gototei Kunisada ga
Publisher: Kawaguchiya Uhei
(Marks 232 - seal 22-050)
Censor's seal: kiwame

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Physical description:

Two actors under umbrellas look up fearfully at the apparition of the Cat Witch Okabe flying above them through a thunder-cloud. A fine dramatic composition.

The word 'yūdachi' (夕立) means 'sudden shower'.