Artist: Kobayashi Kiyochika (小林清親)

Print: Making Chinese Soldiers Shiver (Shinbei no hiyakasare 清兵の冷やかされ ) from the series 'Hurrah for Japan! One Hundred Victories, One Hundred Laughs' Nihon banzai hyakusen hyashushō (日本万歳 百撰百笑)

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Dates: February 1895,created
Dimensions: 9.4 in,14.1 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

Publisher: Matsuki Heikichi
Calligrapher: Nishimori Takeki

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Physical description:

The title of this design utilizes a play on the meanings of hiyakasu, “to chill” or “to laugh at.” The series title, literally “One Hundred Selections, One Hundred Laughs,” is a pun on the expression “One Hundred Battles, One Hundred Victories” (both pronounced “Hyakusen hyakushô”).

Quoted from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston web site.


There is another copy of this print in the St. Louis Museum of Art.