Artist: Shimura Tatsumi (志村立美)

Print: Rouge (beni - 紅)

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Dates: 1980,created
Dimensions: 49.0 cm,40.6 cm,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese Woodblock Print
Inscription: Signed: Tatsumi (立美)
Publisher: Yūyūdo
悠々洞出版 (lower left margin)

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Physical description:

A lovely geisha wears a lined kimono (called awase 袷) over her bare skin after her bath. She looks into a mirror outside the image and applies red lipstick 口紅 with a brush. Her hairstyle is called tsubushi shimada 潰し島田. which was all the rage in the late Edo period (until 1868). Lots of shiny hair indicated youth and good health.

The carver is said to be Kentaro Maeda, the printer Ritsuzo Sato.

So easy to achieve this hairstyle (not)!

1999 Maiko or Geisha applying makeup!