Artist: Utagawa Hirosada (歌川広貞)

Print: Nakamura Utaemon IV [中村歌右衛門] as Ishitome Busuke (石留武助) from the play Keisei Homare no sukedachi or A Courtesan: Honor with Two Swords [けいせい誉両刀]

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Dates: 1850,created
Dimensions: 6.75 in,9.625 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print


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Physical description:

The figure of Ishitome Busuke also appeared earlier in the Bunraku play The Vendetta in Iga (Iga-goe dōchū sugoroku - 伊賀越道中双六).

Osaka Prints admitted that they could not find information about this particular play, i.e., Keisei Homare no sukedachi but did agree that it was an off-shoot of the vendetta story-line mentioned above. They wrote: "It appears to be an adaptation of a real life vendetta in 1634 at Iga Ueno when Watanabe Kazuma slayed Kawai Matagorô, the murderer of his father, Watanabe Yukie, killed four years earlier. Kazuma was aided by his brother-in-law, the master swordsman Araki Mataemon."