Artist: Sekkōtei Hokumyō (雪江亭北妙)

Print: Arashi Rikan II (嵐璃寛) as Miyamoto Tomijirō (宮本友治郎), later (nochi ni - のちに) Musashi from the play Katakiuchi nitō eiyūki [復讐二島英勇記]

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Dates: created,1832
Dimensions: Overall dimensions

Signed: Shunpusai Hokumyō ga
Publishers: Honya Seishichi (Marks 123 - seal 25-528)
and Kawaji (Marks U127 - seal 25-104)
Carver: Hori Kasuke (ホリカスケ)

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Physical description:

Rikan II is wearing a robe decorated with the tachibana or mandarin orange blossom crest of the Arashi line of actors. In this case it is a triple-stacked tachibana.


The katakiuchi (敵討) of the title of the play represented by this print, means that it is a revenge play, a sub-genre of the kabuki theater. Like most kabuki plays we do not have the story-line any longer, but at least we know the underlying theme.

There is another copy of this print in the collection of Drexel University, Philadelphia.

Many foreign websites note the samurai nature of the figure in this print because of the two swords.


Miyamoto Musashi has been described as the most famous survivor of the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600.