Artist: Jukōdō Yoshikuni (寿好堂よし国)

Print: Arashi Koroku IV (あらし小六) as Omiwa [おみわ] at the base of a flight of stairs - probably the left-hand panel of a diptych from the play Imoseyama Onna Teikin[妹背山婦女庭訓 - Mount Imo and Mount Se:An Exemplary Tale of Womanly]

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Dates: circa 1818,created
Dimensions: 9.5 in,13.625 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print
Inscription: Signed: Yoshikuni (よし国)
Publisher: Toshikuraya Shinbei
(The top of the seal is visible in the lower right corner.)

Related links: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - a Kunisada print from 1818 of a different actor, but in the same scene; Waseda University - a Toyokuni I print also from 1818 - similar scene, but with the spool that shows up in the Hokushū prints; Ritsumeikan University - a similar Kunisada print from 1815 ; Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo;

Physical description:

Omiwa, the daughter of Sugi the saké seller, appears in 5 prints in the Lyon Collection. Three of them are different printings of the same image by Hokushū. In one of the prints she is mention in the physical description in reference to a Hirosada print.


There is a diptych by Kunisada of this same scene in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. See the link above. It dates from ca. 1818.

One of the most striking elements of this performer's outfit is the very modern looking, stylized hares.


The copy of this print in the Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo is dated to 3/1821. Also, their copy shows the full publisher's seal.