Actor: Segawa Kikunojō V (五代目瀬川菊之丞)

Alternate names:
Rokō (poetry name - 路考)
Tamon Rokō (nickname)
Segawa Tamon I (初代瀬川多門)

Lifetime: 1802 - 1832

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This actor held this name from 11/1815 until his death in 1/1832. His father was Segawa Michisaburō I, aka Arashi Rikō I (1784-1839). He married the daughter of Segawa Rokō IV (1782-1812). He studied with Segawa Senjo (1751-1810). Kikunojō V's son was Segawa Tamon II, aka Nakamura Daikichi III (1815-57).

Kikunojō V's first stage name was Segawa Tamon I in 1806. In 1809 he played a kamuro.

Segawa Kikunojō V was a talented onnagata of the Bunka and Bunsei eras, who was endowed with both beauty and intelligence. He unfortunately died too young.


"The fifth Segawa Kikunojō was acknowledged to be the leading onnagata in Edo. He was a large, man, but possessed rather rough manners, being short and abrupt with his fellow-actors, and much disliked by his neighbours. Yet upon the stage there was no one to compare with him. He died at 31, at the height of his career." (Zoë Kincaid in Kabuki, the Popular Stage of Japan)