Artist: Miyagi Gengyo (宮城玄魚)

Alternate names:
Baisotei (go - 梅素亭)
Fūen (go - 楓園)
Katōshi (go - 蝌蚪子)
Suisenshi (go - 水仙子)
Baiso Gengyo (go - 梅素玄魚)

Lifetime: 1817 - 1880

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The curatorial files at the British Museum say: "Common name: Miyagi Kisaburo. He had numerous pen-names, including ‘Baisotei’, ‘Seiken’, ‘Fuen’ and ‘Suisenshi’. The son of a scroll mounter, in his youth he was employed by an antique dealer, but he left that profession to concentrate on the design of surimono and covers for ‘kusazoshi’. After the great earthquake of 1855 he designed a large number of caricatures, including prints of catfish, which are said to have sold extremely well. Following this, he designed many satirical pictures. He was not a pure ‘ukiyo-e’ artist but he had a very close connection with that school. Born in Bunka 14 (1817), he died in Meiji 13 (1880) at the age of 64."