Publisher: Yama-Jin (仁 )

Lifetime: circa 1798 - 1848

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The actual name of this publisher is unknown. Sometimes the characters in the seal are read as Kagaya. (Marks U384) Artists published by this house include Kunisada, Kuniyoshi, Shun'ei, Utamaro and Utamaro II.

Utamaro is the only artist in the Lyon Collection published by this house. His name is highlighted in bold type.


There is an interesting note toward the end of Binyon's book on Japanese woodblock prints: "As far back as the Tenshō period (1573 – 91) an edict had been issued forbidding the names and mon of high personages, warriors and others who had rendered conspicuous service to the country to appear in prints or books; and, as these were shown on this triptych, it was suppressed and the artist and publisher (Kinshodō, whose trade name Yama-jin is stamped thereon) were arraigned and punished." [The bold type is our choice.]