Actor: Nakamura Tamashichi I (初代中村玉七)

Alternate names:
Kagyoku (poetry name - 加玉)

Lifetime: 1837 - 1860

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"Born in Ōsaka in 1837. Son of Nakamura Shikan III and great-grandson of Nakamura Utaemon III, his family curiously wanted him to become a merchant. He finally joined the Kabuki world after the death of his father, and his stage name was Nakamura Tamashichi I. He made his debut as a koyaku in the 1st lunar month of 1848, in Ōsaka at the Chikugo no Shibai, where he played the role of Tsuruwakamaru in the new year drama "Keisei Ishikawa-zome". He quickly achieved fame for himself in Ōsaka, reaching the jō-jō-(shiro)kichi level (tachiyaku section) in the Kamigata hyôbanki in the 1st lunar month of 1859. He went to Kyōto in the 2nd lunar month of 1860 to play at the Higashi no Shibai the roles of Oguri Hangan and Karigane Bunshichi in the dramas "Hime Kurabe Futaba Ezôji" and "Otokodate Itsutsu Karigane". This was his last stage appearance for he suddenly fell ill and died the 15th of the 2nd lunar month of 1860. He was a talented kaneru yakusha and, if he had the luck to live longer, he could have been a good candidate to succeed to Nakamura Utaemon IV."

This information is taken directly from Kabuki21.