Actor: Sawamura Chōjūrō V (五代目沢村長十郎)

Alternate names:
Kōga (poetry name - 高賀)
Tosshi (poetry name - 訥子)
Sawamura Gennosuke II (二代目沢村源之助)
Sawamura Genpei I (初代沢村源平)
Sawamura Sōjūrō V (五代目沢村宗十郎)
Suketakaya Takasuke III (三代目助高屋高助)
Sawamura Tosshō I (初代沢村訥升)

Lifetime: 1802 - 1853

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This actor held this name from 11/1848 to 9/1852. He was adopted in ca. 1810 by Sawamura Gennosuke I (1784-1812). His birth father had been a dekata or usher at a kabuki theater whose job was also to provide refreshments to the patrons. Chōjūrō V's brother was Sawamura Gennosuke III (1804-63). His sons were Suketakaya Takasuke IV (1838-86) and Sawamura Tanosuke III (1845-78).