Publisher: Fujiokaya Hikotarō (藤岡屋彦太郎)

Alternate names:
Fujihiko (seal name - 藤彦)
Shōgendō (firm name - 松原堂)

Lifetime: circa 1832 - 1851

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This publishing house operated from ca. 1832 to 1851. They published the works of Hiroshige, Kunimaro I, Kunisada, Kuniyoshi and Shunshō II.

Kuniyoshi is the only artist in the Lyon Collection in the list shown above that was published by this house. His name is highlighted in bold type. Judging by the group of prints published by this house in the British Museum Kuniyoshi was their main money maker. Twenty of twenty-two were drawn by Kuniyoshi, two by Hiroshige. Another point: the range of subject matters is expansive.]


Fujioka Hikotarō was the older brother of another publisher, Fujioka Keijirō.