Actor: Ōtani Tomoemon V (五代目大谷友右衛門)

Alternate names:
Jicchō (poetry name - 十町)
Shidō (poetry name - 紫道)
Shiyū (poetry name - 紫友)
Ōtani Hiroji V (五代目大谷広治)
Ōtani Shidō (大谷紫道)
Ōtani Tomomatsu (大谷友松)

Lifetime: 1833 - 1873

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This actor held this name from 1865 to 8/1869 and then again from 4/1871 until his death on February 1, 1873. His father was Ōtani Tomoemon IV (1791-1861). He made his first appearance on the stage in 11/1838 acting under the name Ōtani Tomomatsu. In 1857 he toured Suruga and Ise provinces with his father. In 1859 he performed in Nagoya before moving to the Kamigata. In 8/1865 he worked with Nakamura Shikan IV (1831-99) in Edo at the Moritaza.