Actor: Bandō Mitsugorō VI (六代目坂東三津五郎)

Alternate names:
Shūka (poetry name - 秀歌)
Shūzan (poetry name - 秀山)
Bandō Kichiya I (初代坂東吉弥)

Lifetime: 1846 - 1873

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This actor held this name from 5/1856 until his death on September 11, 1873. His father was Bandō Shūka I (1813-55) while his adopted son was Bandō Shūka II (date of birth unknown, but died in 1891).

"[He] makes his first appearance [in 5/1850] on stage at the Nakamuraza, where he receives the name of Bandō Kichiya I and plays the role of Kuzu-no-Ha's child in the classic "Ashiya Dōman Ōuchi Kagami"." In 2/1851 he played a kamuro at the Ichimuraza. His father died three years later in 3/1855.