Actor: Ichikawa Monnosuke IV (四代目市川門之助)

Alternate names:
Shinsha (poetry name - 新車)
Nakamura Denshichi VIII (八代目中村傳七)
Ichikawa Denzō II (二代目市川伝蔵)
Ichikawa Okuma (市川男熊?)

Lifetime: 1804 - 1862

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This actor held this name from 11/1825 until his death.

Ichikawa Monnosuke IV was born in Edo in 1804. His father was the actor Ichikawa Omezō I and his elder brother was Ichikawa Monnosuke III. He started his career as a child-actor performing under the names of Ichikawa Denzō II and Ichikawa Okuma. He was adopted in 1819 by the widow of Tokiwazu Mojidayū III, the head of the Tokiwazu school, and took the musician name of Tokiwazu Komojidayū I. For a while, he was both a musician and an actor performing under the name of Nakamura Denshichi VIII. He formally took the name of Ichikawa Monnosuke IV in the 11th lunar month of 1825 and kept it up to his death but appeared on stage for his shûmei as a musican, no more as an actor. He became the head of the Tokiwazu school in the 1st lunar month of 1837, when he finally took the name of Tokiwazu Mojidayū IV. He took the name of Tokiwazu Bungonodaijō I in the 10th lunar month of 1851 and died the 8th 8th lunar month of 1862.

Haimyō (poetry name): Shinsha