Publisher: Shioya Chōbei (塩屋長兵衛)

Alternate names:
Enchō/Shiochō (seal name - 塩長)
Fukusōdō (firm name)
Yamamoto Harushige (family name - 山本春樹)

Lifetime: circa 1659 - 1850

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Osaka print publisher (Marks 475). Marks gives two dates for this publisher. One is ca. 1659-1850 and the other is ca. 1793-1839 for ukiyo prints. He explains it this way: "Overlapping dates indicate that a publisher simultaneously operated at more than one location, a few even in other cities.".

Artists published by this house include Ashinuki, Asihiro, Asihisa, Ashisato, Ashiyuki, Ashitomo, Harusada, Hokkei, Hokuchū, Hokushū, Rankōsai, Ryūkōsai, Shōkōsai, Shunchō, Shunko, Shunkyō, Utakuni and Yoshikuni.

[Artists in the Lyon Collection who were published by this house have their names highlighted in bold type.]