Publisher: Harimaya Shinshichi (播磨屋新七)

Lifetime: circa 1792 - 1811

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Edo print publisher (Marks 097). Artists published by this house include Haruji, Harunobu, Kiyomitsu I, Kiyonaga, Kunimaru, Kunimasa, Shun'ei, Shunkaku, Shunshō, Shuntoku, Toyokuni I, Utamaro and Utamaro II.

In ca. 1792 this publisher produced one of the most remarkable prints ever. It is by Utamaro and shows Takashima Ohisa (高嶋おひさ) on the front holding a fan while the back of the sheet shows the same character from the back.

[Artists in the Lyon Collection who were published by this house have their names highlighted in bold type.]