Actor: Seki Sanjūrō III (三代目関三十郎: 4/1840 to 12/1870)

Alternate names:
Chūsha (poetry name - 中車)
Kazan (poetry name - 歌山)
Kijaku (poetry name - 黄雀)
Ichikawa Dankichi I (初代市川団吉: 1st name until 11/1827)
Ichikawa Yaozō V (五代目市川八百蔵: 11/1827-4/1840)

Lifetime: 1805 - 1870

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He was born in 1805 and died on the 18th day of the 12th lunar month of 1870. This actor held this name from 4/1840 to 12/1870. Seki Sanjūrō III's father was a dance master and his brother-in-law was Nakamura Utaemon IV who is represented in the Lyon Collection by about 21 prints.

"Sanjūrō III was an outstanding tachiyaku actor, who excelled in katakiyaku and jitsuaku roles. He looked like Matsumoto Kōshirō V, sharing the same facial feature: an amazing nose! The playwright Kawatake Mokuami considered that Seki Sanjūrō III was the best actor he ever met."

The above paragraph is quoted directly from Kabuki21.