Artist: Utagawa Yoshikazu (歌川芳員)

Alternate names:
Issen (go - 一川)
Isshunsai (go - 一春斎)
Jirobei (nickname - 次郎兵衛)
Jirokichi (nickname - 次郎吉)
Ichijusai (go - 一寿斎)
Ichikawa Yoshikazu (go - 一川芳員)
Issen Yoshikazu (一川芳員)

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Born and lived in Edo, active in the 1850s through '70s. Pupil of Utagawa Kuniyoshi. One of the major early printmakers of Yokohama views. His subject matter included foreigners and foreign customs and and manners as well as landscapes and warriors. Also book illustrator.

Original name unknown, and often signed work "Ichikawa Yoshikazu." (Roberts, Dictionary of Japanese Artists..., p.202.)