Actor: Fujikawa Tomokichi II (二代目藤川友吉)

Alternate names:
Kayū (poetry name)
Fujikawa Katsujirō (藤川勝次郎)
Fujikawa Kayū II (二代目藤川花遊)
Fujikawa Tomosaburō (藤川友三郎)

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We don't know when this actor was born or when he died, although it is assumed that it was about a year after he quit the stage in 7/1833. He appears as Kōbai-hime in a triptych designed by Hokushū, one of that artists last works. This triptych is in the collection of the Princeton University and shows Tomokichi II along with Ichikawa Ebijūrō II and Nakamura Utaemon III.

His acting career started in 1792 under the name Fujikawa Katsujirō. He held the name of Tomokichi II from 1/1810 until 11/1815 when he took the name Kayū. He took back the name Fujikawa Tomokichi II in 11/1819 and held that name until he left the stage for health reasons.

His master was Fujikawa Tomokichi I (1759-1808). His adopted son was Fujikawa Tomokichi III (Ogino Senjo) who, like Tomokichi II, has no known birth date, died in 1871. His grandson was Fujikawa Tomokichi IV (dates unknown).


"Fujikawa Tomokichi II was a talented and popular onnagata actor, who achieved fame for himself not only in his native Kamigata but also in Edo. His yagō, Edoya, showed his interest for the Eastern Capital. He was equally at home in sewamono and jidaimono dramas. His field of excellence was nuregoto."

Quoted directly from Kabuki21.


Fujikawa Tomokichi II appeared in prints by Toyokuni I, Kunisada, Shunchō, Hokusei, Ashiyuki, Hokushū, Shigeharu and Shibakuni.